Project Details

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Offsite

Company - Akerlof

Project Overview

Akerlof are a consultancy that specialises in delivering economic, environmental & social value through modern methods of construction (MMC). With less than 18 months trading, we have swiftly assumed pioneering roles shaping government & industry policy, leading R&D initiatives, providing strategic direction & supporting operational delivery for the public sector, multinational corporations & SMEs – all leveraging offsite solution. Our small but agile team have carved a niche proposition affording clients strategic advice that is contemporary, innovative & pioneering. Taking our work seriously, ourselves less so, our business brings energy & clarity in the application of MMC in key, impactful areas. We are profit-for-purpose business, with our passion & drive to make a positive difference intertwined with a clear understanding of how the built environment shapes society. We are pioneering in demonstrating the future of the offsite industry as innovative, technologically advanced, profitable & socially & environmentally responsible – shaping quality of life for us all.