AHR - Modular Schools Batch B

Project Details

Project - Modular Schools Batch B

Sector - Education

Technology - Offsite  

Company - AHR  

Project Overview

AHR has been working with the Department for Education (DfE) via their Primary Component Framework and Spatial Initiative to unlock the benefits of MMC and volumetric design as a solution for today's increasing demands within our education sector.

Our work through this Framework has helped the DfE expand the modular market for schools, with an off-site approach across an increasing number of schools across the country becoming the norm.

Through this framework, we have designed and delivered a batch of four modular primary schools across England, utilising our off-site and volumetric design experience to succeed against a range of challenging project parameters, including tight and constrained sites, short project timelines and significant financial limitations.

The modular schools have fulfilled the Trusts' and Local Authority aspirations, keeping educational vision at the heart and created excellence in teaching and learning, despite the pre-eminent challenges that meant these schools could not have been delivered through traditional means.

We have provided an effective route to help address our shortage of schools in the UK, offering greater value and the high standard of education space our next generation deserve.

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