Advanced Precision Homes - Redwood Crescent, Beeston

Project Details

Project - Redwood Crescent, Beeston
Sector - Residential
Technology - Hybrid
Company - Advanced Precision Homes

Project Overview

Advanced Precision Homes are taking modern methods of construction to another level by developing a volumetric housing solution that is unlike any other on the market today. This groundbreaking offsite housing system is the brainchild of the founder - an engineer who wants to transform the way offsite houses are manufactured and assembled. The strength and durability of an Advanced Precision Home goes way beyond regulatory performance requirements and is second to none.

By taking an holistic approach to the entire building design and prefabrication, this system goes beyond the Passivhaus performance, achieving wall U-Values of 0.07 W/m2K and less than two air-changes per hour. But it is not only the performance that is pioneering - structurally stronger than a traditional timber frame builds, this build system has a proven load-bearing capability of up to 11 storeys.
Advanced Precision Homes' volumetric hybrid system is LABC Accredited (Warranty) and unequalled in speed of construction. This is achieved by advanced methods of offsite construction, over 95% of the home is completed in the factory including internal and external finishes, fit-outs which even includes flooring, tiling, sanitary ware and appliances.