75 Collective Bathrooms - NEVO

Project Details

Project - 75 Collective Bathrooms For Logistic Center In Oviedo

Sector - Residential

Technology - Component

Company - NEVO

Project Overview

Our client (Dragados) has found the solution through Nevo products when trying to innovate in the construction of these highly automated logistic centers. They have also  shorten the project planning by anticipating the bathroom finish deadlines.

These bathrooms have been delivered on site and downloaded vertically on each floor before finishing the following floor base. This means a total manufacturing duration of 3 months including about 2 weeks of production for each of the units: steel structure, enclosures and partitions, installations, tile laying, lightning, sanitary ware, paintwork, cabins, and all sort of equipment installation. The packaging has been reinforced since the building work site is 635 miles away from the factory.