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Hadley Group’s Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

COLD ROLLFORMING Cold rollforming is one of the most versatile and productive manufacturing methods for forming metal. Hadley Group’s rollformed profiles can offer a number of advantages over extrusions, including significant savings thanks to...
16th April 2018

A Framework for Succes

Beyond the traditional light gauge steel framing markets, the development of volumetric modular and pod products is becoming increasingly important. Steel framing systems provide many of the characteristics that the design and manufacture of...
15th February 2018

Hadley Group brings its unique expertise to Offsite

Established in 1964, Hadley Group offers a market-leading portfolio of thousands of innovative products shaped for structural and non-structural applications. The group’s products are now used throughout the automotive, construction and...
14th February 2018

Lucideon provides support at all stages of the design and construction process for offsite and modular buildings

With the recent boom in offsite construction methods and more building projects being developed specifically for this approach, there’s an increasing pressure to not only meet reduced cost targets and a faster building pace, but also higher...
13th February 2018

Smartply Timber Panels provide Solutions for Offsite and Fire Safety

With the adoption of offsite construction methods gaining pace and more buildings being designed specifically with this method in mind, construction material manufacturers are having to look at innovative new ways to keep up. Changes in product...
15th November 2017
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