The Easy and Efficient Way to Do Business at the Offsite Buyers Forum

30th November, 2017

The Offsite Buyers Forum offers a structured, highly-effective way for buyers and specifiers to meet with new and existing offsite industry suppliers exhibiting within the offsite, timber and concrete districts at ecobuild 2018.

We know that your time is at a premium – too much work, a busy schedule and not enough time to meet new suppliers. As a result, you may miss out on making contact with significant key people that could have a huge impact on the future success of your business. The Offsite Buyers Forum provides a solution.

By facilitating ‘one-to-one’ business meetings with the companies you want to meet – you’re in control – the Forum enables you to have private meetings without leaving the comfort of the Forum lounge. The Forum team will organise a bespoke programme of handpicked supplier meetings, together with relevant seminars and networking events to help fulfil immediate to longer term project needs. The Offsite Buyers Forum will be located within the Offsite district and is designed to be one of the truly exclusive parts of the show. This is all tailored to you – enabling you to exploit the best of business opportunities from Ecobuild.

This focused approach has proved to be highly successful in creating new business relationships and facilitating meetings that allow you to get the most out of your time at the show. All participants in the Forum have a strong desire to engage at the highest level possible with decision makers and individuals with direct influence over procurement decisions. All of the Forum activities and meetings are matched to your needs, organised on your behalf and completely free of charge – all we ask for is that you give us a little of your time in return. These meetings will be scheduled and booked in advance and will be operated around a strict timetable.

Sufficient time will be built in throughout the day for participants to visit the main exhibition and attend seminars. In the event that a Forum participant cannot attend for the full day, or can only attend for part of the day, a reserve person meeting the qualifying criteria, will be required to attend in their place.

The primary aim of the Forum is to match supplier’s wants with the buyer’s and specifier’s preferences. Each appointment will be scheduled to last 30 minutes and appointments will appear in the individual online diary of both the buyer/specifier and the exhibitor.

Qualifying Criteria
To ensure that they are genuinely interested in taking part, and looking to satisfy a real business need, participants in the Offsite Buyers Forum must meet a set of strict qualification criteria. Participants are expected to provide the following attributes:

•    Potential for future relationships with exhibitors
•    Live projects or a significant project pipeline
•    Genuine interest to learn about new offsite products and technologies
•    Decision making authority or influence.

To register as a Buyer visit:

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