Sika’s Offsite Division Changes Shape

6th December, 2021

Sika’s modern methods of construction (MMC) Division has extended its team of offsite manufacturing specialists to cover a breadth of skill and expertise. The team works with offsite manufacturing and assembly companies to look at how Sika products can be used as part of the process in this fast-growing sector. At the helm is Simon Griffiths, Head of Sales – Offsite Construction. He will be supported by nine members from across Europe each bringing their own personality and experience to the table.

Speaking of the news, Simon Griffiths, said: “Offsite has grown steadily over the past few years. Its benefits are widely known and understood. We are at a point where we believe that the use of offsite will accelerate to meet the demands of many projects such as HIP. As a business, Sika has many products that can be used in offsite construction, both within production assembly lines and/or application upon delivery to site, for a variety of purposes. To support the development of this important market sector, we have expanded our specialist team of experts.”

Sika’s MMC division is utilising global experience to guide offsite manufacturing companies towards unlocking new potentials. The division can offer a customised approach for modular manufacturers, especially where construction solutions need an industrial approach. As part of its commitment to offsite manufacturing across the nation, Sika also recently joined the Offsite Alliance, a membership organisation that increases the uptake and delivery of offsite technologies in the residential sector.

Sika’s decision to be part of the Offsite Alliance signifies the company’s commitment to the offsite manufacturing effort. Through a combination of action and collaboration, Sika will work with fellow like-minded organisations to promote best practice, share innovation and work together to create the high quality, sustainable homes of the future.

“We are delighted to have joined the Offsite Alliance,” added Simon Griffiths. “We see a perfect strategic fit. We have a great team at Sika, who in many cases, are already involved in driving forward industry and association agendas. We see this addition as a natural step forward to working collaboratively with the MMC industry, to raise the profile and standards, and to help deliver the aspirations of the industry.”


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