SCI Launches Tedds Modules For Specialist Steel Design

9th February, 2022

SCI has launched the first of a range of specialist Tedds modules which complement and enhance the capability of the widely recognised Tekla Tedds software. SCI is uniquely placed to produce such tools with over 30 years of experience in providing information and expertise to the construction sector, globally.

SCI Tedds Modules will often supplement an SCI publication or Advisory Desk note, by providing a tool that implements the design process discussed. The first Module, 'SCI P424 – Method for Extending Fire Test Results' applies the calculation procedures described in SCI publication, 'Fire Resistance of Light Steel Framing (P424)'. Both, the publication and the Tedds module, are available here.

Calculations produced with SCI Tedds modules are quick, reliable and efficient and have credibility with checking Authorities and warranty providers due to its SCI provenance.

Publication P424, published in 2021, provides guidance on how light steel framed buildings should be designed and detailed to provide fire resistance in accordance with the Building Regulations.

Light steel framing can be used in buildings up to 15 storeys high and uses cold-formed steel sections for loadbearing walls and floors. Floors in light steel framed buildings may also use composite slabs formed from profiled steel decking and in-situ concrete.

A key aspect of the publication is the inclusion of calculation methods which may be used to extend the tested fire performance of a light steel wall or floor construction to a wider range of design parameters.

The next two modules will consider the design of openings in composite slabs, specifically the use of local reinforcing bars and concentrated loads applied to composite slab. The latter is particularly aimed at the assessment of an already specified slab's ability to carry temporary loads during construction. It will complement the information given in AD450 Resistance of Composite Slabs to Concentrated Loads.

Subsequent modules in this initial phase will cover different aspects of composite design and light steel gauge construction.

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