Right first time: Geberit relaunches prefabricated drainage service

14th July, 2021

Geberit, a market leader in drainage and sanitary products, has relaunched its prefabricated drainage service for contractors, reflecting market changes which have increased the value of pre-assembled, pre-tested drainage stacks for project teams.

A new 'Right first time' technical guide from Geberit highlights the challenges of delivering effective drainage systems, including changing Building Regulations, a shift towards tall buildings and increasing pressure to reduce project time and budgets.

Assembling complex drainage systems on site using loose piping products requires skilled labour and expensive tooling. In many cases, it also needs storage cabins on site to house the fittings and pipes required to build systems which can span hundreds of metres in tall buildings.

With Geberit's prefabricated drainage service, contractors can receive bespoke drainage stacks, pre-assembled, pre-tested and delivered on time to suit project schedules – all for a lower overall project cost.

Neelam Bala, Specification Manager at Geberit, said: "Prefabricated stacks offer a fuss-free solution to help get it right first time, every time – which is increasingly important in modern developments that leave no room for error.

"It saves on labour, storage, handling and tool costs. Site teams can simply fit the stacks as required, resulting in a quicker installation, and reducing the need for additional workers on site.

"And while it's true that a prefabricated drainage stack is more expensive to purchase than loose parts for an equivalent stack, in almost every case, using prefabricated drainage stacks will be cheaper when comparing total project costs."

Geberit's new e-guide introduces prefabricated drainage systems for contractors, including the challenges to effective drainage specification in modern buildings and the process of prefabrication – from drawings and building stacks, to delivery and site installation.

It also highlights the benefits of prefabricated drainage over loose products, including quicker installation, approved quality, reduced labour requirements, lower project costs, fewer deliveries and less wate on site.

Neelam Bala adds: "Our service offers a trusted, credible and reliable solution from a true market leader which improves the efficiency of complex drainage projects without compromising on cost or quality.

"Our technical sales team brings more than 150 years' combined experience in the specification chain and we work in collaboration with our clients to help overcome their challenges through innovative designs and on-time deliveries. We're relaunching this service safe in the knowledge that we're delivering a proven, first-class solution."

Download Geberit's technical guide, Right first time, for free and discover the benefits of its prefabricated drainage service at www.geberit.co.uk/prefab

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