Recruiting in December – Why you shouldn’t wait until the New Year

15th December, 2018

There is a perception that January is the time people start to look for new jobs or start recruiting. December often gets classed as 'wind down time'. However, December can actually be a more rewarding time for employers to recruit.

This perception that candidates hold off their job search until the New Year, is not always the case, in our experience we find the savvy candidates actually don't delay their job search at all.

Due to these false perceptions sometimes December can be a 'quieter month' but this makes it a great opportunity for recruitment. Particularly when working with a trusted recruitment advisor who will take the load.

Top 3 benefits of recruiting in December

  • Your pick of the talent pool - By not following the same timeline as your competitors a well-timed recruitment push could really pay off
  • From a practical point of view - December may be easier for candidates to take time out of the office for interviews.
  • A new recruit in place for the New Year will be able to hit the ground running - and its one big tick off your January to do list!

Don't let December be a missed opportunity. Proactively work towards a productive New Year - take advantage of being able to be one step ahead of your competitors.

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