Randek UK teams up with British Offsite to produce the first Robotic Light Gauge Steel Panel Assembly Line in the UK

10th November, 2021

Since the 1940’s Randek have been at the forefront of production and innovation of high performance machinery within the timber industry. With our fantastic production facility in Falkenberg and Robotic facility in Arvika, Sweden we are now able to adapt this technology to build offsite closed and open panel wall lines using Light Gauge Steel.

British Offsite are set to become one of the biggest Light Gauge Steel housing manufacturers in the UK. They are the first customer in the UK to invest in one of our automation wall lines.

With a factory in Braintree and a second factory opening soon we will be working in partnership with them to install and support this new system ensuring they are at the cutting edge of technology enabling them to increase production and produce more efficient housing to their customers using offsite methods, saving money and bridging the labour and skills shortages which have occurred post Brexit.

“Having invested £37M in our new factory in Braintree, we wanted a partner that could work with us to create a state-of-the-art Light Gauge Steel line to improve efficiency and increase production offsite, using Modern Methods of Construction.

Randek are pioneers in this industry with over 60 years’ experience within the Global market and are constantly striving to improve and innovate their machinery from basic systems right up to fully Zero Labor robotic lines. We, at British Offsite have invested in the most advanced automated Light Gauge Steel assembly line.

With a UK office now open providing sales, support and service we are confident in their ability to provide a full package and are looking forward to continuing our collaboration far into the future.”

Shaun Weston, British Offsite

British Offsite’s new automated manufacturing facility is the first of its kind in Light Gauge Steel in the UK and a first for Randek UK. We are setting a new standard for building off site and helping push the industry forward in innovation. British Offsite will be able to provide quality, accuracy and deliverability to its projects and customers. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership together.”

Gordon Young, Randek UK 


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