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13th May, 2022

Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturing Solutions at NBS outlines why marketing in the era of the ‘Code for Construction Product Information’ may be unlike any other era for construction information and benefit both manufacturers and specifiers alike.

Construction product marketers will, for the first time, be given the chance to incorporate the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) into their planning. Research from NBS’ Construction Manufacturers Marketing Report, reports that four out of ten marketers expect the Construction Product Association (CPA) code to have a positive influence on their marketing.

Dame Judith Hackitt’s damning report into building safety failures, ‘Building a Safer Future’ identified the need for a radical rethink of the building regulatory system, particularly in the testing, information and marketing of building products. The industry reacted and the CCPI outlined a new approach. Consisting of eleven clauses, it covers critical aspects from responsibility for product information to transparency of information regarding performance and proof of stated claims and competency.

Developed by the CPA following industry-wide consultation, this code aims for product information to be clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous. Whilst some people may be apprehensive, this system will in fact prove beneficial to manufacturers, specifiers and end users– raising safety standards, meeting regulatory compliance and increasing sales potential.

Prioritising Product Information

In-line with changes to building safety legislation, the CCPI aims to make supplying product information in a digital format, a baseline requirement. Yet research has shown that proper management of this data is still under the radar for many. Worrying still, is that according to NBS and Glenigan’s Construction Manufacturers’ Marketing Report, only one in three construction product marketers know it’s a problem. Instead, many are still turning to PDFs as a way of providing product information – 63% in fact. Yet this is a hazardous and shortsighted approach. PDFs cannot be easily replaced, running the risk of redundant information making its way into records and leading to incorrect installation or maintenance Product information management (PIM) systems as well as product libraries and databases are a much more effective method, integrating into manufacturer websites and autoupdating the product listing.

The move to digital will support the sales cycle. Research has shown that supplying information digitally is now integral to the way specifiers and architects work. In NBS’ Digital Construction Report, it found that 81% of specifiers wanted manufacturers to provide information as BIM or digital objects – with medium and larger practices particularly wanting information in this way.

Specifiers are now also increasingly using product specification platforms where digitally supplied product data is crucial to their working practices. Detailed product, performance and fire certification information can be found at the click of a button, be it a product, material, or system required on their project.

The CCPI is about fundamentally improving safety. Having product information in a digital format is also beneficial for manufacturers – allowing them full oversight of where it’s being used. This quality control measure will ensure that only the most up-to-date information is being used, raising overall safety standards.

The sector is changing quickly but these recent updates have the safety of occupants at the heart of their design. Whilst currently, the CCPI will apply to the UK market only and is a voluntary code, this when coupled with the further building safety regulation is likely a sign of things to come in other markets. Those looking to get ahead should welcome the changes with open arms, bringing them up to speed with future compliance and regulations and opening the door for further sales potential.

For more information and to download Construction Manufacturers Marketing Report visit: construction-manufacturersmarketing- report-2022/

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