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10th October, 2019

Creagh's Spantherm thermally efficient flooring is being utilise at a housing development in North Muskham, Nottinghamshire.

Geda Construction is building the new 16-home development. Spantherm is an innovative insulated precast concrete ground floor system from Creagh Concrete that is being adopted by a growing number of housebuilders. Geda chose Spantherm as it is designed specifically for use at groundfloor level in residential and small to medium sized commercial projects. They opted for the work to be completed by Creagh's expert fitting team, requiring no labour from them and significantly reducing the build programme time on-site.

"Geda used Spantherm to push the project along as its one operation that just makes it so much quicker and easier to facilitate on-site," said Shaun Wormall, Site Manager for Geda Construction. "We are impressed on the installation of the slabs and the time that it saves us on-site"

Spantherm is installed in just minutes, not days. By producing high performance insulated concrete units offsite Creagh have redefined the speed of installing a fully-insulated floor. This is the next generation of structural flooring systems designed as the efficient alternative to labour intensive beam and block installations. Housebuilders are increasingly exploring the opportunities for new ideas to reduce labour on-site and boost efficiency in the build - it makes sense that they start with the ground floor. The initial appeal of Spantherm is clear, as a typical floor on a detached house or a pair of semis is fitted on-site in less than two hours.

Once in place and grouted, the floor achieves its full structural capability within 72 hours but building activity can commence on perimeter walls within 24 hours.

"From a site management point of view it's been really good," adds Shaun Wormall. "Creagh have been very responsive and the production timescales and installation has been quick and painless. We would definitely use Spantherm again, brilliant product, well-managed and well-run."

Creagh have manufacturing facilities in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland ensuring excellent coverage throughout the UK & Ireland. Every concrete piece is designed with unrivalled engineering expertise coupled with innovative production methods to deliver bespoke offsite concrete solutions with outstanding quality and reliability.

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