One of the highest light steel frame structures in Europe

8th August, 2018

A light steel frame solution from Kingspan Steel Building Solution has significantly reduced the construction programme and enhanced the buildability of this high quality student accommodation in Newcastle city centre.

The solution also reduced the overall pile foundation loadings by up to 40% in parts of the structure making the scheme viable in terms of development and funding for the client.

The New Bridge Street West project on the site of a former night club comprises of 3 separate tiered blocks all linked together to form high quality accommodation for students attending the Universities of Newcastle. The total development provides 329 bedrooms that comprise cluster bedrooms and studios.

It is believed to be the tallest panelised light steel load-bearing structure constructed in Europe with a total floor area of 8000m2.

The light steel framing solution also saved on the cost of the podium structure and foundations and led to a £1.5 million overall saving in this £20 million project.

Original link - Barbour Product Search

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