Offsite construction solves residents’ biggest bugbear — time taken on building jobs

4th October, 2017

The building industry is looking for ways to reduce disruptions to communities after almost a quarter of UK residents admitted being irritated by how long construction projects take to complete.


Building sections of new homes in the construction yard before piecing them together on-site has been hailed as a possible solution to the problem flagged up by 24.5% of respondents in a recent survey.

The research was commissioned by property developer South Coast Estates, which asked the British public the key question: What do you wish you could change about building construction?

Almost one in four people said they would like to shorten building completion times if they could.

Richard Taube, from South Coast Estates says: “We carry out offsite construction wherever possible, as it is a great way of minimising the disruption caused to residents, be that by noise, mess or restricted access to certain areas. In some instances, offsite construction can speed up the building process by up to 50%, which is obviously great news for residents as they get the benefits that the renovation brings, with reduced mess and disturbance.”

Offsite construction, which is increasingly used in the building trade to minimise any disturbance for residents, may also be key to mitigating some of the other issues raised by the survey.

Air pollution caused through building works was another problem cited by residents. One in five people revealed this was a major gripe, with the issue particularly important to female respondents, and those within the 25–34 age bracket.

Amount of waste, loss of access to areas and noise during building works were also answers to the question, with each receiving around 18% of the votes. 

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