O’Dwyer Steel Announces Significant Growth

8th November, 2021

O’Dwyer Steel recognised as a leading hot rolled steel supplier to the offsite sector has announced significant growth in its Offsite Manufacturing Division. With over 60 years of experience in the traditional fabrication market, including 10 years fabrication in offsite, this puts O’Dwyers in a position to provide a fast and reliable fabrication service to its offsite manufacturing partners.

Completion of hot rolled fabrication for over 200 offsite projects has positioned O’Dwyer Steel at the forefront of the industry. Charles Walsh Head of the O’Dwyer Steel Offsite Division believes their growth and success is credited to the experienced team at O’Dwyer Steel who are heavily focused on delivering a high-quality hot rolled steel product.

The manufacturing facility at O’Dwyer Steel is set up to respond to the rapid nature of modern methods of construction. Matthew Ryan Managing Director points out that O’Dwyer Steel are established as a key fabrication partner in the supply chain for offsite manufacturing industry. Our fabrication team have adapted their traditional fabrication experience to meet the challenges of fabrication for offsite manufacturing. We are heavily focused on delivering a high-quality product within the refined tolerances required for modern method of construction. Adrian Crosse Head of Estimating Department emphasises the consistent quality, state-of-the-art machinery and technical expertise available at O’Dwyer steel are the key elements to the success.

O’Dwyers have identified further potential for growth of its offsite division. Contracts Director Richard Walsh and O’Dwyers UK Business Development Manager Alan Wildsmith are keen to highlight the potential for offsite clients to draw on the wide base of in-house experience and professional expertise that can be provided by the team at O’Dwyer Steel.


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