13th August, 2021

NHBC, the UK's leading warranty and insurance provider for new build homes, is marking the first anniversary of its service for innovative products and systems – NHBC Accepts.

Launched last July, the service has now accepted a range of products and systems, which over the course of the year have helped in the delivery of more than 5,000 innovative high quality new homes across the UK. 

NHBC Accepts – endorsed by the Government's Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Champion, Mark Farmer and recognised by Homes England and UK Finance - enables quicker assessment of a home for warranty and reduces the risk to the builder of delays in their project. 

Any product or system with the NHBC Accepts logo will have been rigorously assessed to ensure it can meet NHBC's robust standards, giving confidence to developers, investors, lenders and homeowners. 

NHBC Innovation Manager Richard Lankshear said:

"We know from feedback that once a product or system is given the NHBC Accepts green light that this creates confidence in quality, long-term durability and traceability. 

"We actively assess construction quality both on-site and off-site to verify that each product is suitable and acceptable to meet the standards set to obtain our ten-year NHBC Buildmark warranty. 

"With the demands on the industry to increase the volume of new homes and the simultaneous challenges around materials and skills, we are at a critical stage in the development of MMC. We are proud to be using our scale, expertise and knowledge of house building to work with manufacturers to provide the confidence that innovative products and systems can meet and sometimes exceed the same high standards of quality and durability as traditionally-built homes."   

Even once accepted, NHBC's Innovation team continue to review quality through factory and site inspections and seek feedback from those working with the product on site. We share this knowledge with the system owners to help continually improve their product.  Ultraframe's panelised roof and gable wall system was one of the products added to the NHBC Accepts portal earlier this year.

The firm's Design and Development Director Andrew Thomson, explained:

"For us, an NHBC Accepts certificate demonstrates that our product has been thoroughly reviewed by the team, in turn giving confidence to prospective buyers." 

Chris Hornby, Senior Technical Manager at Wienerberger, manufacturer of the Porotherm Cellular Clay Block System – one of the systems approved by NHBC Accepts, added:

"We are very pleased to be part of the NHBC Accepts story. An accepted system demonstrates that, subject to appropriate design and installation, it can be used in homes covered by NHBC Buildmark. Crucially the systems it accepts will help instil faith in the quality credentials of MMC across the wider industry." 


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