New Steel Association is Attending Modular Conference

15th October, 2019

The Light Steel Frame Association will be attending Modular Matters this October to highlight the importance of steel frame technology in the modular sector as it continues to grow.

Taking place at the National Conference Centre (NCC), Birmingham on 22 October 2019 – the Modular Matters Conference will focus on the latest developments, innovations and investments in the volumetric modular sector. 

Modular construction has seen massive investment from global brands such as Goldman Sachs and Sekisui House who have struck a deal with Homes England as the government leans on offsite methods of construction to help them cope with a massive surge in the UK's population. 

The need for faster, leaner and smarter construction is becoming increasingly apparent in the UK. With only 63% of site-based developments completed on time and an even lower 49% delivered on budget, traditional construction methods are failing to meet the major challenges facing the built environment today.

Places for People, one of Britain's biggest housing associations, has announced a £100m pioneering joint venture with ilke Homes to deliver hundreds of modular houses, as confidence in offsite manufacturing grows. In the largest deal yet for Britain's modular housing sector, Places for People will purchase 750 units from ilke Homes, including 500 for sites it already owns and 250 for new schemes it will partner to develop affordable and market-priced housing.

Darren Richards Managing Director of Cogent Consulting and a member of the LSFA steering group said: "Light steel frame systems are a fundamentally important offsite technologies that are used in so many building types and applications. With the recent Building Regulations restriction, we can see steel framing technology becoming even more integral to the future of construction along with a bigger focus on hybrid solutions.

Light gauge steel framing can be used for a building's full frame but also for a variety of roofing, volumetric modular options and infill walling applications. Light steel framing and modular construction are load-bearing systems that are suitable for low, medium and high-rise buildings and in building renovation such as in rooftop extensions. The use of these forms of construction is closely related to the wider benefits that are offered to the developer and the main contractor. 

Multi-storey buildings up to 10+ storeys high and mixed-use schemes comprising commercial space or car parking at the lower levels with residential units above are all achievable using light steel framing.

The conference and exhibition will explore what the future holds for volumetric modular construction –technology trends, interoperability, capacity constraints, manufacturing – with presentations from a collection of the UK's pioneering offsite designers, engineers and manufacturers. 

Volumetric modular solutions are becoming increasingly commercially viable – structural engineers and architects are now designing and engineering for high-rise modular buildings. Economies of scale are being realised and modular construction is becoming a truly viable alternative to traditional techniques. 

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The conference and exhibition have been developed for construction clients and professionals in the public and private sectors, including architects, surveyors, engineers, contractors, facilities managers, building product manufacturers and suppliers. This event presents a great opportunity to gain insight from and network with those who are shaping the future of the volumetric modular industry.  
• Date: 22 October 2019
• Venue: National Conference Centre (NCC), Solihull, Birmingham B92 0EJ
• Tickets: £125 +VAT, which includes refreshments and lunch
To book your place, go to:
If you are interested in joining the LSFA, for more information go to: or 01743 290 030

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