MMC Trials Held Across 105-house Development

6th December, 2021

The latest scheme of a 1,000-home major housing contract is being built using a mix of modern methods of construction (MMC) supplied by Roofspace Solutions and flooring by Nuspan. Together, the two solutions will help to speed up overall delivery of the phase compared to traditional methods. Lovell, the leading partnerships housing expert, is delivering a major housing project on behalf of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk. The current construction phase began in October 2020 at the Nar Ouse Regeneration Area (NORA), which encompasses plans for 105 two- and three-bedroom properties for affordable rent, private rent shared ownership and market sale.

Lovell began the initial phases of the development with traditional methodologies, such as masonry superstructures, before opting to trial an offsite approach for the current phase. This includes installation of 24 i-House™️ units from Roofspace Solutions, which speed up construction to watertight stage by 35-40%, building from the slab up to the roof trusses within five days on an average three-bedroom house. These will be combined with 105 of Nuspan’s precast insulated floors, a system that offers a reduction in labour of up to 83% and no onsite waste. The system is also five times quicker to install than traditional block and brick floor foundations – when calculating the time taken to obtain a structural floor, from golden brick to superstructure (approximately one plot a day for block and beam vs six plots a day for Nuspan).

Lovell chose to trial these MMC products due to the higher standards of design quality provided, alongside the sustainability benefits and reduction in waste typically associated with MMC. What’s more, any success achieved in the project could act as a blueprint for widespread rollout of MMC across future Lovell developments.

Michael Saunders, Operations Manager at Lovell, said: “This project demonstrates that more exacting standards are achievable with offsite construction methods. The approach also helps us to combat current industry challenges such as strain on the supply chain and skills shortages. Success in this trial will mean that Lovell and our client will be able to make more informed decisions about MMC investment on our future developments".

Graeme Reed, i-House Operations Director, said: “Roofspace Solutions and Nuspan are greater than the sum of our parts. Individually, we create products and solutions that address a need in the construction market and help to speed up housebuilding. Together, those benefits are multiplied, allowing the contractors and developers to reap the associated benefits such as cost savings, increased safety and a significant reduction in construction time.”

Helen Wildin, Sales and Marketing Manager at Nuspan, added: “This collaboration demonstrates what can be achieved when the industry works together. It also highlights the potential of using MMC to speed up construction – sustainably – on the scale we need to meet the huge demand for housing.”


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