LSFA Launch Specification & Engineering Guide for Light Steel Frame

11th January, 2021

Utilising light steel frame as the principle structural component in a building creates many design opportunities. Engaging the manufacturer's design team early ensures that their knowledge and expertise in the use of the system permeates through the design process. There are some crucial factors that can transform design, engineering and specification decisions which not only streamline the construction process but can also save a vast amount of time and money.


Established to support the overall objectives and growth of the sector – the Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA) have formed a working group with some of its members including EOS, DACS, Evolusion Innovation, Fusion Building Systems, Sigmat, Siderise, Ayrshire Metals Cogent Consulting and SCI, to develop a Specification and Engineering Guide to ensure that construction professionals gain maximum benefits from specifying light steel framing systems. 


Freely available to download, this guide outlines design opportunities, fire safety, performance in construction and in use together with the different types of systems, applications, and interfaces of light steel frame. Most importantly, the Specification and Engineering Guide outlines the sustainability benefits of steel that are not widely understood. Steel construction provides the most sustainable and economic buildings, representing the most efficient use of resources. This longevity combined with the inherent value of an asset that can be recycled or reused at end of life means that steel is not a cost, it is an investment.


The LSFA collaborate with the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) who are a trusted, independent source of information and engineering expertise globally for over 30 years, and remain the leading, independent provider of technical expertise and disseminator of best practice to the steel construction sector. Throughout this Guide you will find links through to useful documents published by the SCI and other leading industry organisations.


As the construction industry looks to raise the bar to meet the proposed new Building Regulations banning the use of combustible materials, the light steel frame industry is witnessing unparalleled demand for panelised and volumetric modular systems, together with 'through the wall' solutions which are delivered to site complete with wall linings and sheathing boards. 


Interested to find out more about the benefits of light steel frame construction? The Light Steel Frame Association is the representative body for LSF manufacturers, fabricators, structural building contractors and supply chain members including erectors, installers, designers, structural engineers and consultants. The Association works with members to raise awareness of the performance, productivity and sustainability benefits of steel. 


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