Launch of Concrete Future – GCCA 2050 Roadmap to Net Zero Concrete

15th October, 2021

The GCCA 2050 Cement and Concrete Industry Roadmap for Net Zero Concrete.

In 2020, member companies of the Global Cement and Concrete Association came together as leaders in the sector to commit to producing carbon neutral concrete by 2050, in line with global climate targets – accelerating the CO2 reductions that we have already achieved. Our 2050 Net Zero Roadmap sets out in detail how collectively, in collaboration with built environment stakeholders and policymakers, we will fully decarbonise the cement and concrete industry and provide net zero concrete for the world.

Join us for the launch of Concrete Future – the first industry-led global roadmap to a net zero future. We will outline the actions, levers and key milestones towards achieving a decarbonised sector, and the role others – from the construction industry to policymakers – can play towards helping to deliver the net zero future.

We believe it will be a pivotal moment for our member companies, our industry, the built environment and the world. 

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