It’s time to embrace all Modern Methods of Construction, including roofing

11th August, 2021

The MMC movement is well under way across the UK. This is being led by several modular companies and collaborative partnerships and alliances like the Offsite Alliance, who are paving the way and showing how offsite construction can not only save money but can also save a lot of time and heavily reduce the carbon emitted in traditional home building. Make no mistake about it that this is the future of housing sector in the UK, Europe and eventually on a global scale.

The facts are, traditional house building is not a sustainable way to build if we are to meet our NetZero targets, there's too much waste involved in traditional housebuilding, unpredictable weather adds further delays to roofing and other installations when being completed onsite and there is a major lack of skilled tradespeople to keep up with demand of traditional building. We are all on the same path to push MMC technologies here in the UK to build back greener and better.

Matthew Ralston Business Development Manager of Nulok Global commented "It's clear that roofing is an area of construction that is struggling to appeal to the youth of today, as let's face it, no one wants to be working at heights in the rain or blistering heat for any length of time. We here at Nulok don't have the full answer for all things construction, but we do offer an efficient way of installing your roofs and solar offsite, reducing weight, slate requirements and time on the install in the process. We want to work with modular companies and offer full offsite installation training which will be more appealing to the younger generations entering the world of construction. Doing this in a controlled and safe environment for offsite installation will be attractive to a lot of people as they look to enter the workplace."

The Nulok system, which is manufactured in the UK, provides many benefits as it is light weight at only 27.3KG M2 and can be installed on pitches of five degrees to vertical. Covered by a 30 year system warranty, the Nulok system is ready for integrated solar anytime, can be fully installed offsite and is fully recycled.


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