ISG secures £35 million trio of schools for the DfE

6th January, 2021

ISG has secured an additional £35 million of framework wins with the Department for Education (DfE) to build three new schools across the UK utilising its innovative standard component design principles.

The new projects include Compass School Southwark, which is the largest to be awarded to ISG on the framework, Two Rivers CofE Primary School - a pioneering Passivhaus Plus project in Keynsham, and Chelveston Road School in Northamptonshire – catering to those with moderate learning difficulties.

These latest wins follow the successful completion of Churchward School in Swindon earlier this year, which represents the latest iteration of ISG's standard component design approach. Alongside schemes at Badbury Park, Norton Hill and Monkerton in the South West, each of these schools are being constructed to similar fast-track timeframes, using replicated standard components, such as structural and roof solutions, to achieve consistently high quality and timely delivery.

In support of the DfE's goal of adopting offsite construction and manufacturing on new-build projects, ISG has worked closely with its partners to innovate and define a consistent approach to construction by using standardised and inter-operable components. Demonstrating the benefits of this approach to component design, ISG has proven its repeatable and cost-effective process allows robust benchmarking performance data to be captured.

By transferring and replicating proven techniques and processes from prior projects, this model speeds up pre-construction periods, saves time in the design phase and improves cost and programming advice at an earlier stage, due to robust data from previous developments. The methodology enables the delivery of compliant and consistently high-quality results, while eliminating the need for alterations or reworks, all while aligning with the DfE's specifications.

Zoe Price, chief operating officer for ISG's UK Construction business, said: "The DfE's goal to embrace digitised specification in its construction framework leads the way and encourages pioneering and modern practices from its partners. ISG is proud to be a part of such an innovative and forward-looking approach. By harnessing new and revolutionary Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) elements, contractors, consultants and supply chain participants can align operations. This in turn enables better collaboration and smarter ways of working that pool expertise across the board and delivers enriched learning environments."

Through regular workshops, ISG brings together designers, suppliers, consultants and end users to find innovative practices, leading the way and modernising the industry. This holistic approach to DfE projects is delivering next generation learning environments efficiently and cost effectively to meet growing demand, with outstanding operational performance and strong environmental credentials.

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