Is time killing your recruitment process?

31st October, 2018

Is time killing your recruitment process? - And why you should now forgive your recruitment agency from pushing you (a little bit!)

The key factor currently affecting recruitment success is delay in the recruitment process. High quality candidates are in ridiculously short supply - I have been saying this for years, but skills are in shorter supply more now than ever (Brexit, lack of training, changing needs etc, etc).

Our team of highly experienced Recruiters are still doing a fantastic job of finding skilled candidates, and presenting them to our clients for hard to fill vacancies. We are working harder than ever through advertising, networking, events, and working through our extensive database of over 65,000 candidates built and updated over 14 years.

The critical factor is in our clients' hands once they have received details of our candidates, and too often clients are losing in the race for the best talent, purely through unnecessary delay. As a professional firm of Recruiters, we hate to be too pushy with our clients - but for your own good - the gloves are having to come off before the best candidates go to your competitors!

Some guidelines on speed (please treat them as rules)

1) Respond to CVs within 24 hours to arrange interviews (How impressed will those candidates be!)

2) Interview dates should be within days, and offering flexibility on times, for hard working candidates, who will struggle to get out of work. (How grateful will those candidates be!)

3) Prepare well for interviews, with good relevant questions, and a presentation on why candidates would want to work for your company (they will have choices!). It is critical that candidates leave the interview wanting to work for you, regardless of whether you want them at that point. (They will talk to their friends and colleagues about you).

4) Give feedback to your agency same day - they will give you feedback from the candidate straight away too, enabling you to cover the inevitable areas missed, or of concern that are so often easily covered (feedback is SO useful for both parties!).

5) Second interviews need to be arranged within a few days too - and with even more flexibility offered (your candidate is likely to have had to take several days holiday or "Dr's appointments" by this stage, if you want them, be accommodating)

6) MAKE YOUR MIND UP! How long would you be happy to wait for a candidate to accept an offer - a day or two? Timescale for making the offer has to be the same.

7) Get the offer out by email and post as soon as possible once the decision has been made. In the vast majority of cases candidates accept the first offer received. It is difficult for candidates to wait too long on an offer and there is a fear of losing it. It can be easily perceived that the first to make an offer is the keenest on you - as a candidate it is flattering.

Don't assume everyone is working to your timeline - candidate's could be at any stage of the recruitment process with other recruitment agencies or clients when they first meet with you.

Your competitors may be even quicker, don't miss out! Give yourself a fighting chance to nab the best candidates and make decisions fast!

Coupled with a good job to offer and a great Employee Value Proposition (plus a professional agency nurturing candidates through your rapid process - and giving you a push) it can work well.

Watch our interview with Paul Jacobs and our Managing Director Jim Roach on why we are pushing our clients more to commit to the recruitment process and act fast.

Serious about filling jobs in offsite construction, and the wider construction, manufacturing and sales environment? Please talk to me and the team at ARV Solutions. 0117 9592008

Original Link - ARV Solutions

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