ICW – embracing innovation in construction

1st November, 2020

ICW Group works in partnership with property developers and construction clients across the UK, providing structural warranties and approved building control inspection services to the construction industry – ensuring quality is built into every stage of a project.

In a drive to improve the sustainability, quality and affordability of construction projects, the industry has seen a move towards the use of modern methods of construction and it is predicted that there will be more widespread use over the next few years.

ICW offers an approval process to support MMC which combines both warranty and building control requirements. From inception and design through to build and completion, our nationwide team of experienced surveyors supports clients in the successful delivery of residential and commercial projects.

With decades of knowledge and experience, our team offers a unique blend of expertise as warranty and building control inspection providers. We’ve been told this combination of talents uniquely supports our clients’ needs, but we also believe our hands-on knowledge of the build process along with high levels of customer service are the solid foundations for the specialised services we offer.

Aaron McCarten, chief operating officer of ICW Group, says: “We are one of the UK’s leading building warranty providers, with a strong reputation for being a reliable partner that our clients depend on. We have embraced the move towards MMC and now offer a service that will smooth the way for innovative products and systems to be used on projects”.

For more information, please visit www.i-c-w.co.uk

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