Great Places launches £750m housing framework

19th December, 2019

Framework forms part of housing group's hopes of building 11,000 new homes by 2028

Great Places Housing Group has launched a £750m framework for firms looking to deliver a range of services to housing clients across the north of England.

The new Innovation Chain North (ICN) construction framework - the third such scheme, formerly known as Innovation Chain North West (ICNW) - is seeking bids from companies looking to supply construction works, modular supply and consultancy services.

The valuation of £750m is based on the likely demand from Great Places - a Manchester-headquartered for-profit housing provider which manages 19,000 homes across the north west and Yorkshire - and other housing associations.

Once on the framework suppliers can be called upon by ICN clients for four years from 2020.

Great Places said new build construction works would be separated by geography and scale and would include new homes and social infrastructure.

Modular housing delivery will also be part of the ICN.

It also includes consultancy services such as architecture, building services, clerk of works, engineering, planning consultant, principal designer and site investigation services.

Helen Spencer, Director of Development at Great Places Housing Group said the company wanted to deliver 11,000 new homes by 2028. "We can only achieve this with the support of a range of contractors and consultancy practices.

"With this in mind we have designed this framework to enable delivery through traditional contracting, a range of modular supplier routes and with the support of a wide range of consultancy services."

The previous ICNW frameworks have delivered around 4,000 homes, valued at around £400m.

Applicants have until 31 January 2020 to apply to join the ICN.

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