Impact Modular wins place on £2bn housing contract

29th October, 2020

The modular construction arm of Robert Whitton and Nick Shattock’s new development venture Impact Property Group has been awarded a £303m contract to deliver homes for housing associations and local authorities.

The contract from the Central Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC) will see Impact Modular build houses, flats and bungalows with the option to also deliver a full site construction service for homes on smaller schemes.

It is part of a wider £2bn drive from the CHIC, which is a consortium of more than 100 housing associations and local authorities.

The contract is also open to local authorities and housing associations not in the CHIC so they can also use the consortium’s approved suppliers of housing.

Impact Modular was formed earlier this year when newly-launched Impact Capital Group bought volumetric offsite manufacturer Lesko Modular.

“Being on the CHIC contract will allow Impact Modular to deliver its vision of creating a sustainable housing model that will help to revive underutilised sites in Britain’s cities and towns. There is a housing emergency in the UK and new quality and affordable homes are urgently needed for both rental and sale,” said Impact Capital Group founder and chairman Robert Whitton.

“Impact Modular is ripping up the rule book, and combining smart technology, innovative design and precision engineering to produce the sustainable and affordable buildings of the future. Modern methods of construction must come to the fore - allowing assembly in a clean safe environment and quality-controlled factory environment that anticipates social distancing both there and on site.”

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