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19th March, 2020

NHBC has a long track record of collaboration with house builders, developers and manufacturers on MMC systems; providing guidance, reviewing systems and sharing knowledge and research.

In response to the increasing interest in the use of offsite systems from lenders and investors to developers, housing associations and the build-to-rent sector, we have doubled the size of our Innovation Team.

This team takes responsibility for reviewing MMC systems to determine if they can be accepted for use in homes to be covered by the NHBC Buildmark warranty. There are now 45 volumetric, panelised and onsite systems accepted, with more under review.

We have also introduced a dedicated MMC Hub, an online resource where you can see the latest list of accepted systems, access research and find the latest NHBC technical guidance.

It is an established expectation amongst homeowners, landlords, investors and mortgage companies that new homes will last a very long time (at least 60 years). This means that materials and systems need to be selected and assembled carefully so that the construction of the finished home has the necessary durability.

We review building designs and components from the earliest stages – and certainly before designs are locked down - to identify and mitigate any potential risks. We back this up with our rigorous on-site inspection regime during the construction process, so that we can be confident in providing warranty and insurance against structural defects. We share knowledge and feedback with manufacturers throughout this process.

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