Hadley Group Nailing Offsite Construction

27th September, 2018

A leading cold rollforming steel manufacturer operating internationally, Hadley Group produces high strength, low weight pre-panelised steel frame structures, floor joist systems and purlin and side rail systems. With fresh ideas and innovative technologies created through precision engineering Hadley Group has the potential to change the way you build. Custom-made components are constructed at the company's world-class facilities in Smethwick before being shipped semi-finished or pre-fabricated to the construction site where they are ready for installation. The company can develop new products, prototype them in short runs, test them and then manufacture in volume.

All of Hadley Group's components for the modular housing market come in customised lengths that can be adjusted as per project requirements. The company also produces bespoke cant rails for the creation of modular box profiles. Working with Hadley Group from the beginning of a project, means you will get a complete service from product conception through to delivery, ready for installation. What's more, the experts at Hadley Group will be on hand every step of the way to ensure a seamless customer experience.

This is further supported by the company's DesignSuite Pro software for the design and specification of projects based on the company's cold rolled, high strength lightweight UltraZED™ purlins and UltraBeam side rails and floor beams. The software will optimise the purlin and rail frequency as well as material thickness and section size. As an entire package, Hadley Group can make project planning and specifying easier than ever before.

The company's expertise in steel framing solutions means it can also supply complete load-bearing systems including roofs, walls, floors, door/window openings, bracing, and external finishes for standalone low or medium rise structures. Components are designed, detailed and manufactured at the production facility then delivered to site where they are screwed together in accordance with the original drawings.

The process enables fast build turnaround times and the lightweight construction system offers a lighter, easier to erect alternative to steel or concrete frames. The light but robust design of all components makes this solution particularly suitable for sites with limited space or access.

Hadley Group specialises in producing a wide range of innovative solutions that will benefit off-site construction.

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