Futureproof – The Evolution of CLT

15th May, 2019

We are faced with two major issues of our time - climate change and a soaring population. Before us we have immense construction challenges whilst mitigating the environmental impact. We are steeped in conventional construction and it is hard to envisage a future in a different direction. Over the last decade, a renaissance in structural timber architecture has taken place with the development of new building systems and design strategies.

Solid Wood Solutions, taking place on the 21 May 2019 at 99 City Road Conference Centre, Inmarsat, London - has been developed to inspire through innovation and celebrate the use of engineered timber technology.

The UK's leading sustainable frame contractor B&K Structures will showcase the most influential uses of structural timber in their presentation - The Evolution of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). Managing Director Andy Goodwin will explore how B&K Structures have made the delivery of CLT structures over 18m both possible and practical.

"Timber engineering is founded on research and innovation," says Andy Goodwin, Managing Director for B&K Structures. "We have been instrumental in the development and growth of the CLT market in the UK, and we are embracing the latest protocols for external walls above 18m. We will innovate and evolve - creating sustainable CLT buildings that will continue to be significant in our future and the future of the construction industry."

Hybrid Timber Construction

Engineered timber has grown in popularity over the last ten years, emerging as a sustainable and cost-effective building material that is pivotal to reducing carbon emissions in the construction sector.

New building regulations restrict the use of combustible materials in external wall elements over 18m. In anticipation of the government announcement, B&K Structures has been working in close collaboration with supply chain partners to develop alternative through-wall solutions that can be implemented with a primary CLT superstructure. B&K Structures' hybrid systems are pivotal to the development in Design for Manufacture and Assembly approaches that reduce construction costs, waste, emissions and build time. By working with supply chain partners, the sustainable frame contractor has developed non-combustible unitised wall panel systems which are fully compliant with the regulation changes.

With 35 years' experience in the construction industry, Andy Goodwin has adopted a hands-on approach in his role at B&K Structures, supporting the business through the transition from structural steelwork fabricator to sustainable frame contractor.

"Only now are we truly realising the full capabilities of this strong, sustainable and technically advanced structural solution and the new regulations will not stifle innovation. The UK has a magnificent heritage of timber architecture dating back to the thirteenth century - we are now building on this legacy using ground-breaking hybrid timber systems."


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