Focusing On The Future Of Construction Technologies

29th January, 2020

To help the construction industry interrogate the practical potential of evolving technologies, tools, processes and materials, the Emerging Realities conference and exhibition will answer some of the challenging questions about the breakthroughs revolutionising the construction arena.

Responding to the pressing need to ditch outmoded methods of construction and take a lead from more dynamic industrial sectors, the Emerging Realities Conference, taking place at the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry on 7 July 2020 - will bring together those with the insight to evaluate transformative innovations and explore how they can be used in a real-world context to radically advance how buildings are designed, developed and delivered.

Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The latest onsite advances and sophisticated interconnected offsite manufacturing approaches have the capability to improve profitability and efficiency to create a smarter and more diverse industry. Expert speakers will reveal how emerging technologies can be assessed and selected to improve construction practices and the actions required to embrace the fourth industrial revolution.

From ground-breaking onsite advances and offsite manufacturing approaches to the development of new materials and digital engineering, under the banners of Economic, Technological, Environmental and Productivity - expert speakers will reveal how emerging advancements can be assessed and selected to improve construction practices together with outlining the industry evolution required to implement and embrace change.


Predicted to bring economic change, Industry 4.0 represents the fourth industrial revolution where transformative techniques are radically changing the face of manufacturing and are set to impact massively on building technologies and construction methods. Powered by intelligent innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT) - construction methods are being dramatically improved by using the internet as a systems integrator to collect, interrogate and transmit data.


Conference speakers will scrutinise the way onsite innovations such as robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, are set to radically change the construction arena. Featuring the latest inventions being used to augment and assist onsite operatives, from smart helmets and electric exoskeletons to robotic brick layers and the latest 3D printing devices that can digitally 'pour' concrete buildings, as well as the technical capabilities of drones.

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