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18th March, 2020

World leading manufacturer BeA Fastening Systems Ltd have been in the fastening business for 50 plus years. Based out Woodmansey near Hull, BeA manufacture fixings and fastening for construction and industrial sectors right around the world.

In recent years in the UK, BeA has seen increasing demand from many of the Offsite and Structural Timber manufacturers, with a focus on housebuilding. The Offsite industry has some unique and specific construction challenges; the type and quality standards of fixings are very often bespoke to this sector. By working closely with some of the major manufacturers, BeA has actively developed specific fixings, fasteners, tools and manufacturing automation to satisfy this fast-growing sector.

For assembly onsite of Offsite construction materials BeA have designed a powerful range of strip nailers for framing offering both a plastic and paper collated option. At only 2.05kg BeA's 567DC coil nailer offers one of the lightest tools in the marketplace for speedy but accurate OSB cladding.

Staplers and nailers remain the core product from BeA, but more recently their range of automatic solutions for larger scale manufacturing have seen increasing demand from offsite manufacturers.

Fully Automatic AUTOTEC for Offsite Manufacturing

BeA have semi-automatic and fully automated fastening solutions capable of reducing costs and further improving production efficiencies. Autotec is BeA’s fully automatic system and has recently added the new Autotec automatic screwdrivers.

BeA is the first to develop a tool that can automate the attachment of facade cladding, ceiling and floor cassettes with screws (up to 80mm in length). Ideal for integration into manufacturing systems, with accurate positioning and increased speed along with mechanical stop guarantees precise screwing depth

Until now, cladding and floor cassettes were screwed manually with hand-held tools. The new BeA Autotec Screwdriver now facilitates the insertion and tightening of screws in a faster, more precise and, above all, process-reliable manner with a higher degree of automation.

Fully automated systems require a high level of process reliability. This is guaranteed by the high-quality process used to load the screws into the magazine, the powerful motor, precise guidance when inserting and tightening the screws and the precision with which the mechanical stop can be set.

The BeA Autotec Screwdriver can process one screw a second and is twice as fast as any previously used solutions.

The magazine has a capacity of 700 screws when loaded with a larger magazine capacity for fewer interruptions for coil reloading, reducing system idle times to a minimum.

Setting Standards – BeA Assured 

Given the unique pressures and environmental elements faced in Offsite construction, a set of unique building standards apply, for fastenings Eurocode 5 sets the standards for the sector.

A key element of Eurocode 5 was standards both in-factory and during on-site construction where fastener quality needs to be maintained. If inappropriate fasteners are used on site, the building designer and end client may be unaware of the difference in performance. BeA work closely with its customer base to maintain the fastening requirements for the right applications with appropriate standards.

With a commitment to Eurocode 5 across the range BeA is underlining its position as a supplier of high-quality fasteners which you can trust to meet the current and future demands of the construction.

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