CITB and CSIC team up to boost Scottish innovation

25th January, 2019

The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) have formed a partnership aimed at helping the industry develop the skills needed for greater innovation.

The strategic relationship is aimed at identifying and delivering the future skills and training needed for the industry to innovate more and improve productivity.

Rohan Bush, head of public partnerships & future workforce at CSIC, said: "At CSIC we work collaboratively with the industry to develop the future skills our sector needs. Our objective is to support the construction workforce to become more innovative, dynamic and globally competitive. Similarly, CITB has identified the need to develop future skills and innovation within the workforce as part of its reform programme. Working together to realise these mutual aims makes perfect sense, and I look forward to building on previous collaborations with CITB through this new strategic partnership."

CITB Chief Executive Sarah Beale added: "Our new partnership with CSIC will enable us to work together to help the Scottish construction industry develop the future skills it needs to boost productivity, attract new entrants, and meet the challenges of a changing economy.

The partnership will incentivise and support innovation by providing access and training provision for industry, further education providers and public sector partners within CSIC's Innovation Factory. The 35,000 sq ft hub provides an open-access environment with access to £2m of equipment.

Other aims of the partnership include:

  • the production of a joint research programme to stimulate future skills and training provision where demand and need are proven;
  • an increase in training provision across Scotland;
  • marketing and tracking of the use of offsite construction across Scotland, and developing courses and funding to incentivise skills and training;
  • benchmarking and marketing productivity projects, to demonstrate how innovative processes can reduce costs, timescales and waste; and
  • developing courses, modules and frameworks that are relevant to the industry and, where applicable, are incentivised by CITB grant support.
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