Berkeley Modular and CoBuilder Make a Decisive Step Towards Offsite Construction Efficiency

4th July, 2018

Berkeley Modular, the volumetric modular construction arm of Berkeley Group, has announced a new partnership with coBuilder, which aims to boost the efficiency of offsite construction.

The first-of-its-kind initiative in the residential sector will see coBuilder work with Berkeley Modular to set product data and documentation requirements for the materials, components and equipment to be incorporated into the business’ volumetric modular solution. The data will be collected as actual manufacturer’s data, and digitised through standard-based Product Data Templates.

Berkeley Modular will use this data and associated materials and equipment to construct a range of volumetric modular housing products, all designed to match the high specification and excellent build standards that customers demand from the Berkeley Group.

The partnership is part of Berkeley Modular’s drive to work in harmony with supply chain partners, who, like coBuilder, are willing to work collaboratively to create the right sort of data, in the correct format. Data that can be fully integrated with the new modular factory’s efficient, technology-led approach to manufacturing new volumetric modular housing products.

Graham Cleland, Director, said: ‘Having detailed information on the characteristics of the components, materials and equipment we use, is vitally important to both delivering high quality products and being able to support through the usable life of the same.’

“We want to be able to specify products that ensure the comfort of those living in the homes we will manufacture, and also meet our own sustainability and build-quality requirements. Collecting data in a digital format from our supply chain will make it easy for us to control and continuously improve the quality and longevity of the homes we build.’

Peter K. Foster Jnr., CEO of coBuilder UK, commented: ‘The aim of Berkeley Modular is to deliver high-quality, high-performing and comfortable homes, with less disturbance to neighbours and using sustainable practices. We are honoured that Berkeley Modular have chosen the path of standardisation and will work with coBuilder in order to manage standard-based construction product data.’

Innovative offsite construction presents an opportunity for Berkeley Modular to create consistently high-quality homes, in a fully controllable and scalable manufacturing environment that puts technology at the forefront of the build process.

To guarantee that its new facility operates at maximum efficiency and achieves the highest standard of construction and sustainability, Berkeley Modular intends to broaden the scope of its collaboration with coBuilder and its pioneering use of data in offsite construction.

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