Benefits of OTL birch plywood wet room formers

30th November, 2021

Using responsibly sourced, FSC certified, birch plywood to manufacturer high quality wet room formers has several benefits.

Strong and Stable

The cross-banded layers of the 24mm birch ply creates a former that is strong and stable capable of withstanding weights of over 600kg. Strong enough for use with wheelchairs and mechanical beds.

No Design Restrictions

Ply-wood also allows for complete design flexibility, with no pre-set moulds to restrain creativity. Formers can be cut to any shape or size, with gully positions located where needed.

More than a former

Using birch plywood a complete floor system can be created if needed. Incorporating interlocking tongue and groove joints the floor has a built-in gradient within the shower area creating the perfect fall for water to drain towards the gully, whilst the rest of the floor is level and shaped to the exact dimensions of the room. The complete floor saves time and mitigates risk, it’s the perfect solution for large flooring areas such as shower blocks and washrooms in hotel spas, gyms, hospitals, welfare units and campsites.

Environmentally friendly

In today’s world, it is important to be eco-conscious during product selection. OTL formers are made from responsibility sourced FSC certified birch plywood. This fast-growing tree from well managed plantations, minimises the destruction caused by deforestation.

OTL Formers

All On The Level wet room formers come with a lifetime guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.

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