BBA Certification for FastClad brick slip system

5th June, 2019

Advanced Construction Systems Ltd has received updated certification from the British Board of Agrément (BBA), reflecting recent amendments to the Building Regulations, for its innovative FastClad lightweight brick slip system.

A well-established and proven prefabricated brick slip cladding system, Fastclad combines all the cost and efficiency advantages of modern lightweight methods of construction with the appearance of traditional brickwork.

Manufactured in a purpose built factory and delivered as pre-bonded masonry panels, complete with fixings and pointing mortar, this non-structural, weatherproof cladding system can be quickly and easily secured to timber, steel-framed, masonry or concrete structures without the need for scaffolding or specialist tradesmen, saving contractors both time and money.

Suitable for both onsite and offsite projects, FastClad is frequently used on entire facades, soffits, balconies, infill and recess panels, as well as for re-cladding existing buildings.

As a versatile system that can use virtually any facing brick, FastClad has also featured on several award-winning architectural projects, where a flexible brick slip solution has been required to provide an exciting individualistic finish or a seamless match with existing brick blends, sizes and bond patterns.

With independent approval from the BBA, one of the UK's leading certification bodies, architects, designers, contractors, offsite manufacturers and building control have additional reassurance that FastClad has undergone comprehensive assessment including on-site evaluations and rigorous tests relating to durability and fire. It is manufactured to a Quality Plan, which is agreed with and regularly audited by the BBA.

"BBA certification provides well-respected assurance of suitability, quality and reliability, which strengthens our reputation as a trusted supplier of a brick slip system that meets the requirements of architects, specifiers, contractors and offsite manufacturers" said Pete Stephenson, General Manager of Advanced Construction Systems Ltd.

*We were very happy to work with FastClad to update their BBA Certification to reflect the recent amendments to the Building Regulations, bringing FastClad in line with the needs of the industry. With BBA Certification they are able to provide added assurance to architects, designers, contractors, offsite manufacturers and building control that they are fit-for purpose'.

FastClad lightweight brick slip panels are easy to install and require little maintenance. They are certified for use, where regulations allow, at up to 42 metres in height. To view FastClad's Agrément Certificate 04/4165 and associated literature, please download here

For more information about FastClad please telephone: 0116 272 5133. Fax: 0116 272 5131. Email:, web:

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