Barratt Homes & Stewart Milne continue to deliver offsite construction

5th December, 2018

The two companies joined forces to deliver sustainable housing through alternative offsite methods of construction.

In order to deliver an increased volume of houses to meet market demand, Barratt Developments initiated a review to find the best offsite methods of construction.

The review found that timber-frame was the preferred option and so consulted Stewart Milne Timber Solutions to work with them to achieve their goal of producing more cost-effective quality homes.

In an attempt to deliver 20% of their housing portfolio using offsite construction, Barratt Developments has already built more than 3000 timber frame homes over the past two years through the collaboration.

John Smith, Head of Product and Innovation for Stewart Milne Timber Systems said:

"Working with the team at Barratt Developments to implement a timber frame solution within their house range really has been a uniquely collaborative experience."

As a result of the partnership between Barratt Developments and Stewart Milne Timber Systems, the house builder was awarded 'Client of the Year' at last year's Structural Timber Association Awards.

Oliver Novakovic, Technical and Innovation Director for Barratt Developments said: "This partnership has facilitated a significant increase in the Group's output of timber frame construction, which is now approaching 2000 units.

Looking to the future SMTS are looking at innovative ways of adding further value to their timber frames, as well as further driving design efficiency utilising BIM."

Original link - PBC Today

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