A Modular Way of Packing

25th August, 2020

When modules are ready to be shipped out to their destination, it is already too late to ask how we will protect them during transportation and storage. Those points should be pre-planned as a part of your project cycle, as depending on the chosen solution, project costs may be changed just enough to increase your margin by a few points. Improper packing techniques could create delays in sending out the modules, increased crane hours and transportation waiting hours, not to mention the potential of losing your packaging material during transportation and in windy conditions, causing more work and the need for claims handling.

Different approaches have their own plusses and minuses. More traditional ways of packing have been either packing with regular plastic (material in rolls), packing with PVC covers (or similar types), packing with shrink wrap plastic (material in rolls) or hybrid solutions from all of those above.

The best possible combined solution has become HEAT³ EasyPack™ - a new generation of packaging, a modular way, allowing the packing processes to be standardized and more risks mitigated. 

Modularity involves constructing sections away from the building site, then delivering them to the intended site. The logic behind packing with HEAT³ EasyPack™ is the same. HEAT³ manufactures unique sizes and shapes of heat-shrinkable bags for every module in their factory and sends the ordered easy-to-install HEAT³ EasyPacks™ to the customer’s factory (building/intended site). With this approach, the most complex operations have been done before the packaging arrives at the construction factory. Different thicknesses (depending on the size, shape, and needs of the customer) of 100% recyclable (Plastic #4 LDPE) UV-proof LDPE virgin resin shrink wrap is used in every production run. Thanks to the unique folding technology used for the packaging, it can be installed quickly and easily by a single person. In some cases, this kind of modular way of packing has given back up to 10 times more labour hours, which can be used for improving the module's constructional quality or freeing up space to start the next project earlier than would have been possible in the past with traditional methods. Every hour saved from tasks not directly connected to profit minimizes project cost hours and you can forward those hours to value-creating activities.

The constructor has the option to pack the module/s themselves or hire a professional for this task, but HEAT³ encourages users to do it themselves with the full support of HEAT³ (training, free guidelines, and free advice), keeping more money “in the house”.

Using HEAT³ EasyPack™, modules manufacturers will have a more efficient standardized process, minimum personnel involved with packaging and, not to forget, happier packers and merrier module installers at the construction site. 

Read more about the benefits at www.packmodule.com or www.HEAT3EasyPack.com. 

Give us a call (+372 72 51 999 or +372 52 52 888) or write to info@heat3.eu.

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