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Offsite has 'potential to increase diversity'

Greater use of offsite in the construction industry could help increase diversity, it has been suggested. During a Scottish Parliament discussion on diversity, the Construction Leadership Council's Simon Rawlinson pointed to...
20th February 2019

“UK’s largest modular council housing development” put forward in Leeds

Today a planning application for what is claimed to be the UK's biggest fully modular council housing and apartment scheme to date has been submitted by Leeds City Council and housing company United Living. If approved, the...
18th February 2019

Timber faces the heat of combustibles ban

The timber sector is up in arms over the Government's ban on combustibles in new high-rise buildings - but how will the ruling impact the market? Stephen Cousins reports. The UK stands at the forefront of a revolution in...
15th February 2019

L&Q shifts full housebuilding strategy to include offsite

L&Q has announced plans to shift its entire housebuilding programme to include offsite manufacturing by the middle of the next decade. The housing association has laid out a modern methods of construction (MMC) strategy...
15th February 2019

‘Hinkley Hilton’ will house 1,000 construction workers

Europe's "second biggest hotel" is to house nearly 1,000 construction workers building Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. The accommodation is the subject of a BBC Radio 4 documentary airing this week. The programme...
14th February 2019
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27 March 2019

Explore Offsite Housing is returning for 2019 creating a platform for construction clients and their professional advisers to explore the latest offsite construction solutions, providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

This event will consist of a conference of circa 180 delegates and an exhibition of circa 40 companies from a range of offsite technology providers. For more information visit:


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