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Rising to the challenge of offsite manufacturing

A government-led initiative has the potential to revolutionise the construction industry, argues Hannah Vickers. Following last year's budget, the chancellor announced that the government would "adopt a presumption in...
18th April 2019

Consortium to “transform” primary school construction with offsite

Eyeing a market it says is worth £5bn a year, a consortium has been launched in the UK to offer a system for building standardised modular primary schools teachers can design themselves. Funded by public body, Innovate UK,...
18th April 2019

Rehau announces new offsite guide

While offsite construction is not a new concept, it has recently seen a resurgence within the UK construction market - and one that is expected to continue. In line with this, REHAU has produced a new dedicated guide on the...
18th April 2019

Modular methods of construction – lifting the UK’s productivity barriers

Modular methods of construction have long been heralded as the future of the building industry. Yet despite the strides made in addressing the issues that people felt were holding back its implementation - like collaboration across the supply...
17th April 2019

WMCA targets 50% modular homes figure

The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) says method will transform brownfield sites and the man in charge of housing at the WMCA has said he wants to see half of the thousands of new homes the group is planning to build in the next decade...
17th April 2019
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Inmarsat, London
21 May 2019

The Solid Wood Solutions event reflects the swift upward trajectory that materials such as cross laminated timber (CLT) are now on as a sustainable, structural alternative to steel and concrete.

Solid Wood Solutions shines a spotlight on pioneering projects through informative case studies presented by those who conceived and developed the buildings that are gaining global attention. 

As engineered timber technology is one of the fastest growing offsite methods of construction, this event is designed to inspire through innovation. The event consists of a bespoke exhibition of circa 25-30 companies from within the CLT, LVL and glulam technology sectors, plus complementary solutions such as SIPS and cladding/fenestration solutions with a conference of approximately 150 delegates.

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