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Prefab industry seeks scheme to assure banks, homeowners

Prefabricated building industry leaders have visited the Beehive to urge ministers to use their procurement muscle to set high quality benchmarks for the fledgling industry. Such standards would mean all "offsite" home...
18th April 2018

The Rise of the Wooden Skyscrapper

Forget steel and concrete — wood is the latest go-to material for building skyscrapers. The renewable resource has high potential. "The world's tallest wooden house!" reads a huge poster on the side of a building under construction in...
10th April 2018

The world needs to build more than two billion new homes over the next 80 years

By the end of this century, the world's population will have increased by half - that's another 3.6 billion people. According to the UN, the global population is set to reach over 11.2 billion by the...
28th February 2018

Bouygues to build six Singapore towers using offsite

Dragages Singapore, subsidiary of France's Bouygues Construction, has won a €113m contract to build six residential towers in Singapore using offsite manufacturing. Sixty-five percent of the towers' reinforced concrete superstructures will be...
26th February 2018

How a modular 'Lego' construction project in San Marcos aims to disrupt student housing

A rendering of Cheatham Flats apartment complex in San Marcos, which taps into the growing need for affordable student housing in the fast-growing...
4th February 2018
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