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The 'Lego' trend in architecture

In the age of hyper-globalization, it seems that pretty much anything can be outsourced. Well, not anything. I mean, you couldn't build an American hotel or apartment building in China or Eastern Europe, right? In the city of...
17th April 2019

Benefits of modular construction

By 2050 the Middle East and Africa will be home to around 3.4 billion people - this is likely to be more than the populations of China and India combined (World Economic Forum, May 2018); Such an unprecedented boom will present challenges as well as...
16th April 2019

Spain looks to modular homes

AEDAS Homes, the first major Spanish homebuilder to champion offsite construction, has successfully launched Merian in Torrejon de Ardoz, a municipality of 136,000 people 20 minutes from Madrid. Merian is the first large-scale modular development...
10th April 2019

Forget the Big Bang - it's the big offsite construction boom that deserves your attention

Welcome to the final in a series of three articles focused on how integration - combining products, processes and vocational expertise - is helping designers and builders create higher quality structures more efficiently. In our third...
25th February 2019

"Aircon unit that fits in a wall”: Prefab start-up Katerra launches new products

Katerra, the SoftBank-backed technology company aiming to "redefine construction" with prefabrication, launched new products in Las Vegas on Monday. An integrated power kit, self-tinting windows and an air-conditioning unit that...
20th February 2019
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Inmarsat, London
21 May 2019

The Solid Wood Solutions event reflects the swift upward trajectory that materials such as cross laminated timber (CLT) are now on as a sustainable, structural alternative to steel and concrete.

Solid Wood Solutions shines a spotlight on pioneering projects through informative case studies presented by those who conceived and developed the buildings that are gaining global attention. 

As engineered timber technology is one of the fastest growing offsite methods of construction, this event is designed to inspire through innovation. The event consists of a bespoke exhibition of circa 25-30 companies from within the CLT, LVL and glulam technology sectors, plus complementary solutions such as SIPS and cladding/fenestration solutions with a conference of approximately 150 delegates.

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