Showcasing the latest and most exciting developments in offsite technology and with a broad appeal to all those interested in the world of prefabrication and factory-based construction methods, the Offsite Hub is designed to bring a new dimension to the way the sector is understood.  Not just in the UK but from a wider international perspective.

The Offsite Hub is an online information centre dedicated to keeping the world of offsite manufacturing and technology connected. Offsite manufacture removes much of the construction process from the construction site, leading to a number of efficiency and environmental benefits, including reduced onsite labour, shorter construction timescales, better health and safety and less material-intensive activity.  The Offsite Hub will explain the how and the why. 

The Offsite Hub is a pivotal resource offering news, case studies, project profiles, industry opinion plus a wider supply of technical information and learning resources tailored to the offsite sector.  All showing the growing importance and numerous ways that offsite methods enable construction efficiencies.

The Offsite Hub will feature all the key materials and systems – concrete, steel and timber – plus the full gamut of building products that work alongside offsite technology to help streamline building delivery and performance.

You will also be able to use the Hub to access exclusive content and updates from Offsite Magazine, the Explore Offsite series of events and the latest information from the Offsite Awards.

For more information about how you can get involved and use the Hub to promote your business - click here!

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27 March 2019

Explore Offsite Housing is returning for 2019 creating a platform for construction clients and their professional advisers to explore the latest offsite construction solutions, providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

This event will consist of a conference of circa 180 delegates and an exhibition of circa 40 companies from a range of offsite technology providers. For more information visit:


Sponsorship opportunities are available - contact Julie Williams on
01743 290042 or