Glossary of Terms

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Part of a building or structure that could be considered for standardisation and offsite production such as foundations, structural frame, envelope, services, internals and modular units.

Systems: Volumetric Modular     Components: Windows & Doors


The external walls and roof that form the perimeter or enclosure of a building. Walling may include lightweight curtain walling, in aluminium, steel or glass, or heavyweight components in concrete, brick or stone.

Roofing includes flat or pitched roofs. The extent of offsite manufacture will vary between systems, e.g. for curtain walls:

  • stick system - components all assembled onsite
  • unitised - components preassembled offsite into storey height, ~1 m wide panels
  • panelised - components preassembled offsite into storey height, bay-width panels.

Systems: Precast Concrete     Components: Roofing