Climate Emergency

16th June 2020 until 16th June 2020

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

NEW for 2020 Climate Emergency Conference is taking place on 16 June 2020 in Manchester. The event is designed to debate and share the work and ideas the construction sector is undertaking/implementing to decrease the sector's carbon emissions - to ensure the construction industry helps to tackle climate change and meet Government targets by 2050.

Climate change is now considered a worldwide crisis. According to the European Energy Centre, existing buildings use around 40% of global energy, while they produce approximately 33% of carbon emissions. As much as 40% of landfill waste comes from unused building materials.

So, the scene is set, and the challenge is clear –the UK needs to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of construction throughout the build process and beyond. Climate Emergency Conference introduces critical approaches that will enable the industry to meet new construction standards. Engaging private and public sectors to work towards common goals, the event will offer a knowledge platform to future-proof the building process.

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