Explore Offsite Public Sector

12th September 2018 until 12th September 2018

at NEC, Birmingham

In February 2017, the National Audit Office, a body that scrutinises public spending for Parliament found that a large number of school buildings in England required substantial repairs. It is estimated that it will cost £6.7bn to return all school buildings across the country to a ‘satisfactory or better’ condition, and a further £7.1bn to bring parts of school buildings up to a ‘good’ condition.

This Programme is set to run until 2021 with the aim of rebuilding or refurbishing a total of 537 primary, secondary and special education needs schools across England.

Additionally to education, the pressure on the healthcare sector is huge. Explore Offsite Public Sector will present case studies of projects that have used offsite technology to create a new facility, upgrade or extension in a seamless way, on-time and on-budget working in a sensitive, inclusive and collaborative fashion. Patient, staff and visitor experience is at the heart of successful healthcare projects, and the speakers will discuss how they have met the healthcare provider and/or the NHS Trust’s expectations in providing a sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective contemporary building.

The day will showcase the very best of what is being delivered under the Procure 21+ & Procure 22 frameworks (and projects outside of the framework too) and to demonstrate how exemplar schemes are being delivered through good supply-chain integration, design for manufacture and assembly, digital integration and offsite construction strategies.

Explore Offsite Public Sector creates a platform for construction clients, architects, engineers and contractors to come together and discuss the latest offsite solutions in the education sector. 

Tickets cost just £125 + vat and includes entry into the conference and  exhibition, lunch and refreshments.

For more information, visit http://www.exploreoffsite.co.uk/2018-events/explore-offsite-public-sector

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

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