Volumetric Modular

Volumetric modular units are large building elements that can be linked together to form complete buildings without the need for additional superstructure. There are several CPD sessions being offered in the industry, which are designed to highlight the various solutions available and explain how these can be applied in real life scenarios. Please see courses listed below for more details and all information requests will be sent directly to the course/training provider:


The Darwin Group

Offsite Construction for Educational Buildings

The UKs education specialists; experts at providing unique Design and Build projects in less than half the time associated with traditional construction. This seminar provides an overview of the benefits of this method of construction vs traditional onsite construction methods.

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McAvoy Group

Offsite Construction Seminar

The aim of this seminar is to provide education and guidance on offsite construction and modular buildings and dispel any misconceptions. It explores and explains the manufacturing and delivery process and the advantages of offsite construction. It will enable you to understand the following issues.
- Understand the methods and applications of offsite constructed modular buildings
- Understand the manufacturing, delivery and installation processes
- Understand the economic, environmental and social benefits of offsite construction
- Understand the design of modular buildings and the achievable aesthetics of offsite constructed buildings both internally and externally
- Understand the diverse uses and applications of modular buildings

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