Light Steel Frame

Light gauge steel framing can be used for a building’s full frame but also for a variety of roofing, modular options and infill walling applications. There are several CPD sessions being offered in the industry, which are designed to highlight the various solutions available and explain how these can be applied in real life scenarios. Please see courses listed below for more details and all information requests will be sent directly to the course/training provider:


Ash & Lacy Building Systems

Good Practice in Lightweight Structural Frame Design and Installation Over Existing Roofs

This seminar focuses on improved knowledge of F.T.P. over roofing specification, a better understanding of elements that dictate pitch, shape, etc and information on best practice in design and connection to existing roof structures.

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Ayrshire Metals 

Build Fast And Light With Confidence

This seminar is designed to raise awareness and understanding of cold rolled steel sections (crs) and associated applications and construction systems. Provides best practice guidance to enable the selection and specification of an appropriate lightweight steel building solution.

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Why use LGSF?

EOS are offering a series of CPD sessions, designed to highlight the various light gauge steel solutions available, and explain how these can be applied in real life scenarios.  The hour long seminars will cover a wide range of steel solutions and services, including:

- Cold Formed Sections
- SFS Infill Systems
- SFS Onsite Stud & Track
- SFS Offsite Pre-assembled
- Other Applications – including LBS, Lattices & Cassettes
- Design
- Partnering
- Examples of best practice

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Hadley Group 

Cold Rolled Metal Products in Construction Applications

This seminar is designed to raise awareness and understanding of Cold Rolled Metal Products in Construction Applications. Topics covered include:

- The History of Structural Steel and Cold Rolled Sections
- Environmental Benefits
- Products - Purlins
- Rails & Associated Sundries 
- Structural Capabilities 
- Accreditations 
- Innovation
- Software
- Bim and Warranties

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EOS CPD Factory Tour 

CPD Session Delivered By the EOS Technical Team

Following a tour of the manufacturing facilities, EOS' technical team will present a CPD session covering the following topics:                        

- Cold Formed Section Technology 
- SFS Infill Systems, Stud & Track, Offsite Pre-assembled Panels/Cassettes 
- Non-loadbearing & Loadbearing Solutions
- Lattice Joists & Floor Cassettes 
- Design & Value Engineering 
- Examples of Best Practice Technology Applications 

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