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Achieving the Impossible with Chris Coxon


The Offsite Hub Blog this week discusses with Chris Coxon, Head of Marketing at Eurocell – one of the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of PVC-U window and door systems – how offsite construction can solve the...

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Policy Change Not Climate Change


The Offsite Hub this week discusses with Anthony Thistleton and Andrew Waugh from Waugh Thistleton, the impact the proposed Government Building Regulations extending the ban of combustible materials could have on the construction...

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B&K Structures - Building Restrictions and the Unintended Consequences


The engineered timber industry has been founded on the principles of advancing sustainable building technology. Led by innovators such as B&K Structures, the use of timber technology in UK construction has undergone a renaissance...

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Q & A with Mark Farmer


Mark Farmer needs little introduction. His role in suggesting change and modernising the way the built environment is created has seen him become a major figure in the offsite sector. Offsite Hub caught up with him earlier in the...

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MPBA - Supporting the Healthcare Crisis


The approach to coping with the COVID-19 healthcare crisis has been vastly different across the globe. China used the might of 7,000 workers and 1,000 construction machines, operating 24 hours a day to build hospitals but the...

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Ask the Expert with Trevor Richards


Offsite expert Trevor Richards, Operations Director for Cogent Consulting, discusses logistics and the crucial factors with the design and manufacture of volumetric modules and shares his perspective on the journey from factory to...

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Ask The Balcony Expert


Tristan Parsons, Managing Director of leading UK balcony specialist, Sapphire Balconies, provides some answers on designing and manufacturing balconies using offsite processes. Q: What is the...

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Modular Construction with Jackie Maginnis


Despite recent reports that suggest government departments are not adopting a presumption in favour of offsite, the Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA) has research which shows volumetric modular construction is...

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Ask the Expert with Darren Richards


Offsite expert Darren Richards, Managing Director of Cogent Consulting, shares his perspective on the future of factory-based building technology with the Offsite Hub. With the government’s presumption for...

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Laying the foundations for better construction


It's easy to take for granted just how crucial buildings are to all our lives. Think about the hospital you were born in, the home you grew up in, the school you were taught in and the building you work in. Buildings of all types...

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