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Using Concrete for Life


This week on the Offsite Hub Blog, Jenny Burridge, Head of Structural Engineering, The Concrete Centre talks us through the use of long-lasting precast concrete as a prefect offsite construction for tall buildings design. ...

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Meeting Aesthetic, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Expectations


With huge technical developments in cladding solutions over recent years and with architects demanding a more aesthetic approach to the building envelope, Heath Hindmarch Chairman of PSP Architectural, discusses the balance that...

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Transitioning to Offsite Building Materials


With the live events industry buckling under the strain of COVID-19, a modular, factory-finished terrace product could help the sector bring reprofiling and renovation projects to a cost-effective conclusion, says David Glover, CEO,...

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Decarbonising Construction

10/9/20 1 comment

As global leaders grapple with issues surrounding climate change, the world is gradually coming together to develop strategies to help alleviate the impact of global warming. Here, Andy Goodwin, Managing Director of B&K...

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Later Living Housing Design: Learning from COVID-19


This week on the Offsite Hub Blog, Stuart Carr, Director with architects Inglis & Carr, discusses the potential long-term changes to the way housing is designed and delivered as an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic. ...

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A Sector in Constant Motion


The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) is a government sanctioned, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to improving standards within the industry. Chief Executive Damian Walters spoke to...

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Post COVID-19: insolvency and survival


In the wake of the pandemic and enforced shutdown of the entire construction industry, what can offsite suppliers do to avoid becoming insolvent or falling victim to an insolvency elsewhere in the supply chain? Michael Gerard of...

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Construction: the Heart of the UK


With ambitious targets and huge sums of money required to improve the nation’s key infrastructure – can offsite methods provide the answers? The Offsite Hub Blog caught up with Will Varah, Programme Director, Modern Methods of...

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How Modular Construction Delivered for Swansea University


This week on the Offsite Hub Blog the Wernick Group discuss how modular construction delivered for Swansea University.  Challenges of Scale Swansea University’s Bay...

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BIM: Bringing collaboration and co-ordination to steel construction


Steve Insley, National Sales Manager at Trimble, discusses with the Offsite Hub Blog the use of digital technology within steel construction, with a particular focus on the rise of BIM.  When people think of...

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