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Benefits of flame retardant panels


The construction industry needs reliable, innovative products to successfully maintain fire safety in buildings, whether for traditional building or offsite construction. Flame retardant panels improve a building's 'reaction to fire' as it has...

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Intelligent Supply Chain Partners


Driven by new thinking, engineering expertise and cutting-edge technology – OSCO Homes custom design and build new homes predominately for the social housing sector. Their solutions are based on building to a high specification in...

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Building with Technology


Since its launch in 2015, Project Etopia has seen its profile rise year-on-year. We spoke to Rosanna Lawn, Global Brand & Strategic Partnerships Director, about the importance of technology, disruptive design and factory manufacture on UK...

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Mitigating Risks in Residential Buildings


Light steel structures fully comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations and leading warranty providers. Performance covers structural, fire, acoustics, thermal, airtightness, weathertightness,...

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Offsite Construction is here to stay


Why should you consider adopting an offsite construction process? There are many benefits to offsite construction. Moving building processes away from the physical site and into a controlled factory environment not only makes it...

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Five minutes with Phillip Hutton, Divisional Director at ESS Modular


Phillip Hutton is Divisional Director for ESS Modular and is responsible for the Healthcare, Residential and Commercial sector in the UK. He has thirty years' experience working in the construction sector with extensive knowledge of offsite...

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Prepare to Succeed


The ongoing pandemic has upended how businesses operate but it is also proving to be a catalyst for change. The transition from traditional onsite construction methods to more efficient offsite manufacturing approaches has advanced at a...

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Evolving The Wheel


With decades of offsite experience to draw on – and an early contributor to the Offsite Magazine – Cogent Consulting is hugely busy advising on a wide range of offsite delivery issues across the UK and overseas. We asked Managing Director,...

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Net Zero Living Targets


We must harness the power of offsite to build back better, says Mark Davis, Acting Head of Partnerships and Communications at Public Sector Plc, if modular homes are to increase the quantity and quality of new homes and help to save the...

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The Employment Market Is Changing - But Not How You Might Expect


We have seen, many lose jobs during Covid, often through no fault of their own, and some really strong people are now immediately available. However, many more are on the job market, who are perfectly fine in their role. Lay-offs...

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