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Unlocking Brownfield Sites for MMC


With increasing demand to build on Brownfield sites, the use of piled foundations is rising. The higher costs of deep foundations reduce project viability for MMC however, there is a solution. The majority of Brownfield sites require piling or...

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Space-saving solutions to maximise washroom space


How can pod and modular bathroom manufacturers ensure efficiency and cost savings across bathroom projects without compromising on space or style? The prominence of...

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Spotlight on New Talent


Can offsite construction help to tackle skills shortages? Chris Jarman, Director of the Construction Talent Retention Scheme and Talentview Construction, offers some compelling reasons how it can. In the face of crippling skills...

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Modular Homes - Are we Storing Up Problems for the Future?


The market for modular and prefabricated buildings continues to boom, but are we storing up problems for the future that may ultimately cost millions of pounds in repairs for homeowners? According to Jim Edwards, Commercial Director for...

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Can Volumetric Manufactured Buildings Deliver a Net Zero Future?


Is the road to a net zero future a well mapped out route or is there uncertainty along the way? Here Richard Hipkiss, Development Director of the Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA) makes a case for volumetric manufactured buildings...

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Mark Southgate - Generation Next


MOBIE was founded in 2017 by the architect and TV presenter George Clarke and is driving the future of home design. Chief Executive, Mark Southgate, talked to us about how it is radically improving the way we construct – and increasingly...

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How to Maximise your Timber Usage in Your Roof and Truss Designs


With timber shortages due to supply chain issues and with the costs of it increasing, it is now more important than ever to maximise the use of timber. So how can we best help prefabricators and housebuilders do...

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Modular – Shaping a Sustainable Future


According to the UK Green Building Council around 400 million tonnes of materials are used by the UK construction industry each year. New eco-friendly building techniques such as modular construction are predicted to play a key role in reducing...

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Is timber the solution to the housing crisis?


Local authorities throughout the UK are facing great difficulty as they attempt to rapidly increase their housing stock and deliver affordable homes, whilst also meeting environmental targets. Here, Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive of the...

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A Sound Solution for Bathroom Pods


Bathroom pods come pre-assembled, pre-tested and delivered straight to site for fuss-free, high-end specification, so it is no surprise that demand for pods is increasing in the hotel sector. However, with growing awareness of how internal...

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